Eric Scott Painting
510 S. 9th Street
Purcellville, VA 20132
STOP # 18

About The Artist… .

Eric M. Scott is an artist and educator born and raised in Washington, Pennsylvania. He currently lives and teaches art in Loudoun County, and is coauthor of the best selling book, The Journal Junkies Workshop: Visual Ammunition for the Art Addict.

My work centers on the structure of thought, memory, and experience, and I am interested in the connections we have within ourselves and with others. My process is an excavation of my experiences, my memories, and my connections with others, and at times it takes on a completely non-objective form with no representational images, words, objects, or symbols. At other times, it takes the form of symbols, collage, images, and words. At all times, my process is a layering process – physically with media, conceptually with the ideas, and metaphorically with the imagery. I peel back the layers to unearth that which is hidden and to sift through the defenses and barriers.

I am interested in the things that we do not say – cannot say – the things that we fear, push down, and hide, so my work is about the push-and-pull of spaces – foreground vs. background – three-dimensional vs. two-dimensional – physical vs. mental – internal vs. external. My work is about breaking down walls and putting up barriers – about how we connect to ourselves and how we connect to others. But most importantly it is about how we human beings are multi-layered, complex mechanisms with a core of vulnerable truth.

Offering on tour: A variety of paintings, drawings, and mixed media pieces along with artist prints and signed copies of my book, The Journal Junkies Workshop. I will be working in visual journal and small pieces, and I will be sharing my process with attendees (but not specific hands-on demonstrations).

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From Business Route 7/Main Street in Purcellville, turn at the stop light onto Maple Avenue heading south toward Lincoln, and go about 0.3 mile. Turn left onto S. 9th Street and go about 0.1 mile. Driveway is on the right, additional parking is just ahead to left.



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