Bryan Mattraw Ceramics
41718 Browns Farm Lane
Lucketts, VA 20176
STOP # 10

About The Artist...

My goal is to make simple, beautiful and functional pieces in the most direct way possible. Woodfiring archives this and also allows me to play on the artistic border between chaos and control.

Detailed information on the wares created at the Pottery


As the name implies the fuel source of this type of firing is wood. The temperatures achieved are in the range of 2300-2500 degrees F. This makes the clay strong and watertight. The vapors and ash from the wood add to the color and texture of both the raw clay body and glazes. The results are somewhat unpredictable due to innumerable variabless in the wood and the labor of introducing the wood by hand.


During a firing salt can be added at temperatures beginning around 2100 degrees F. The salt melts and then vaporizes, breaking down into sodium and chloride. This process also melts the silica on unglazed surfaces of the pot. The sodium and silica bind together to form a glaze that often has a rich texture referred to as "orange peel".

Both Woodfired and saltglazed pots are dish washer and microwave safe, but are not intended for the range or oven.


Offering on tour: Shawn M. Grove and Bryan Mattraw have been sharing and working together as potters in Lucketts for the past nine years. It is evident that they have a passion for the creative process and sharing this with others. Be sure to visit their studio and be prepared to come away with a story.

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From Route 15 North in Lucketts: turn left onto Stumptown Road (at the stoplight in Lucketts), right onto New Valley Church Road (at the four-way stop) left onto Bald Hill Road (gravel road), left onto Browns Farm Lane to the studio at 41718 Browns Farm Lane.





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