The 17th Annual Western Loudoun Art & Studio Tour


Friday, Saturday, Sunday, June 7, 8 & 9, 2024

10:00am - 5:00pm NOTE: Not all studios open on Friday, June 7

Bethany Widom

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday


Loudoun Street Studios
2A Loudoun Street SW, STE #217,
Leesburg, VA 20175

Waterford/Leesburg Cluster, 2023 Stop #16


© Bethany Widom image c 2018
Oil on Linen: A Dress for Winifred

Originally from Michigan, Bethany Widom grew up around industrious people. Learning to bake and sew at a young age, sparked her creative side. She used frosting to paint, sculpt, and decorate cakes. By age sixteen, she was rearranging patterns and manipulating fabric to come up with her own fashion creations.

A resident of Leesburg, she attended classes at Loudoun Academy of Art. She studied under Michael Davis for several years, learning techniques used by Rembrandt, Jean Baptiste Chardin, and Pieter Claesz.

She is intrigued by the glimpse into someone’s everyday life illustrated by Old World paintings, and the subject matter of her own still life paintings reflect that intrigue. However, unlike many artist who seek to emulate the old masters, Bethany turns to a more recent past for her subject matter: objects that were a part of her own life and that of her family, things well-used and well-loved. Reminisce as you view nostalgic Life, Still Life, and Landscape oil paintings.

© Bethany Widom image 2020
Oil on Linen: A Gift of Love
© Bethany Widom image 2015
Oil on Linen: Squeak’s Pub
© Bethany Widom image 2015
Oil on Linen: Muddy River Near Fish Trap
© Bethany Widom image 2015
Oil: Party at the Marshall’s
© Bethany Widom image 2021
Oil: Fresh Bagels
© Bethany Widom image 2019
Oil: Only Missing You
© Bethany Widom image 2019
Oil: Danced All Night
© Bethany Widom image 2022
Oil: Festival Flowers
© Bethany Widom image 2020
Oil: Jewel
© Bethany Widom image 2022
Oil: Loudoun & King
© Bethany Widom image 2021
Oil: Orange Cluster 2
© Bethany Widom image 2022
Oil: Bud for You
© Bethany Widom image 2022
Photo: Studio Entry
© Bethany Widom image 2022
Photo: Studio

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Original paintings, Some Prints of Original Paintings

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Map and Directions:

Waterford/Leesburg Stop #16

Directions to Loudoun Street Studios:

One door down from the corner of Loudoun and King streets in historic downtown Leesburg. Loudoun Street Studios is on the second floor.

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