The 17th Annual Western Loudoun Art & Studio Tour


Friday, Saturday, Sunday, June 7, 8 & 9, 2024

10:00am - 5:00pm NOTE: Not all studios open on Friday, June 7

Hope Hanes

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday


Hope Hanes Studio
Guest Artist at Franklin Park Performing & Visual Arts Center
36441 Blueridge View Lane,
Purcellville, VA 20132

Loudoun Valley Cluster, 2023 Stop #25


© Hope Hanes image c 2022
pastel: To Sue’s House

My process of creating art in the studio is experimental and varied. I also work en plein air whenever I have the chance, as I find direct observation of light and the landscape to be the best teacher. Travel helps my process by providing the magic of that first impression in a new place as well as the brief moments of the journey that can easily be overlooked. The artwork is a record of my experiences, the footprints left behind after the dance is over. It takes time for ideas to develop before I am ready to commit them to paper. Pastels offer immediacy and a directness which are an important foil to that “fermentation” period because they allow me to work quickly as my ideas evolve.

© Hope Hanes image 2020
soft pastel: I’ll Fly Away
This is one in a series of paintings inspired by the Bluegrass music of my childhood here in Virginia. “I’ll Fly Away” is a traditional gospel song that is a favorite at family gatherings, jam sessions and in worship services. It’s joyful message is one of hope for a better world to come.
© Hope Hanes image 2021
Pastel: Unfurling
© Hope Hanes image 2022
pastel: Above the Breton Coast
© Hope Hanes image 2022
pastel: Fairytale Morning
© Hope Hanes image 2022
pastel: Maryland Heights
© Hope Hanes image 2022
pastel: Garden Morning, Chateau d’Amboise
© Hope Hanes image 2022
pastel: April Idyll
© Hope Hanes image 2022
pastel: Morning Glory
© Hope Hanes image 2022
pastel: La Rue du Relais
© Hope Hanes image 2022
pastel: September Shadows, la Rue du Relais
© Hope Hanes image 2022
pastel: Maryland Heights from the C&O Towpath
© Hope Hanes image 2021
pastel: Dad’s Pond
© Hope Hanes image 2021
pastel with mixed media underpainting: Lafayette River Ripples
© Hope Hanes image 2020
pastel: Blackberry Blossom

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Pastel paintings, prints, printed note cards, bookmarks

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Map and Directions:

Loudoun Valley Stop #25

Directions to this Tour Stop:

From Bus. 7, roughly halfway between Round Hill and Purcellville, turn south onto Franklin Park Dr to go through the park. At the T intersection, turn right to go up and around the hill. The Center is on your left.

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