The 17th Annual Western Loudoun Art & Studio Tour


Friday, Saturday, Sunday, June 7, 8 & 9, 2024

10:00am - 5:00pm NOTE: Not all studios open on Friday, June 7

Jane Mann

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Photography, Printmaking

Studio Nuovo
35246 Harry Byrd Hwy, Studio 210-G,
Round Hill, VA 20141

Snickers Gap Cluster, 2023 Stop #26 C


© Jane Mann image c 2020
Limited edition archival print of photomontage: The Traveler’s Dream
With the uncertainty surrounding travel, the devoted traveler is left with memories and the arts to visit the lands which may be now off-limits. I revisited my photos from a trip to Spain to create this photomontage of an old man appearing to arrive at the entrance to the Great Mosque in Cordoba.

As a fine art photographer, digital and intaglio printmaker, I look for the beauty, the unusual, or the irony in the details of a scene.

I particularly like to zoom in for a close look at a subject which might be ordinary if seen in normal perspective. I also use atmosphere, composition, and light to dramatically enhance a subject and to impart a sense of place to landscapes or cityscapes. Reflection, color, texture and contrast are also dimensions I explore and adjust to make an image more memorable. My work with digital photographic equipment and programs has allowed me to create images and photomontages with which I hope to provoke thought and in which I encourage the viewer to participate.

Some photographs beg to be altered or to join others to make a statement or express an emotion.

Intaglio printmaking allows me to reduce an image to its essentials – light, shadow and line – with the added dimension of texture.

© Jane Mann image 2020
Limited edition archival print of digital photograph: Spring on Goose Creek
Reflection of the sycamores and a red bud in the rapidly flowing water of Goose Creek near Leesburg, VA.
© Jane Mann image 2020
Limited edition archival print of photomontage: Sun Worship
I took a photo from my hotel window in Santa Ana, California, of the hotel swimming pool and layered it with a second photograph from the Chumash Painted Cave State Historic Park near Santa Barbara. The Chumash witnessed a total solar eclipse in 1677 and depicted it on their cave ceiling.
© Jane Mann image 2021
Limited edition archival print of photomontage: Will the Fabric Hold?
Depiction of the current political atmosphere. Photo of the Capitol layered with the fraying US flag.
© Jane Mann image 2023
intaglio etching: L’Auberge des Roses
Detail of doorway with rose trellis in Haut-de-Cagnes, France
© Jane Mann image 2023
intaglio etching on handmade paper: Riverbend Sawmill
Intaglio etching of the Riverbend Sawmill in Leesburg, VA.
© Jane Mann image 2023
intaglio etching: Shakespeare and Company
Etching of the interior of the iconic Paris bookstore
© Jane Mann image 2022
intaglio etching on handmade paper: Piazza della Rocca
Piazza della Rocca is located in the compound of the Fortress of Pope Julius II in Antica Ostia, Italy. It is fun to imagine the inhabitants of the 15th century and see their dwellings.
© Jane Mann image 2023
intaglio etching: Skeletons
Dead trees in Death Valley National Park

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Framed and unframed archival photographic prints and photomontages; framed and unframed intaglio etchings

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Map and Directions:

Snickers Gap Stop #26 C

Directions to Studio Nuovo:

Hill High Marketplace is on US Route 7 West just west of Round Hill, VA. Studio is on the second floor.

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