The 17th Annual Western Loudoun Art & Studio Tour


Friday, Saturday, Sunday, June 7, 8 & 9, 2024

10:00am - 5:00pm NOTE: Not all studios open on Friday, June 7

Jeff Hall

Saturday and Sunday Only - June 8 and 9, 2024

Mixed Media, Metalwork, Sculpture, Lucite, bronze, ceramic, wood, paint, etc.

Silverwood Farm and Studio
39331 Rodeffer Rd.,
Lovettsville, VA 20180

Catoctin Region Cluster, 2024 Stop #12


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Bronze: Reaching for the future
Two kids, one girl and one African American boy reaching for the future, the world. Representing a style of teaching. Installed at the Capitol Hill Montessori school in Washington DC

In my exploration of the figure I am really composing a reflection of the great beauty and the majesty of The figure itself and as such, it’s only natural that the honing of my craft is something that I do for the purpose of trying to be as faithful to that reflection and as honest in my response as I am humanly capable. I focus on monumental and heroic poses that exaggerate the figure. This gives me more latitude for a strong pose, and that is where I find the beauty. The figure is more than just a body in motion – it is also a mind at work. While the human body itself is beautiful, the mind affects body language, and the inner emotions can be realized with a gesture. I generally don’t concern myself with scale relationships within a sculptural piece in order to push the narrative, in that respect the image becomes a little surreal. I have received numerous museum sculpture awards. My hundreds of architectural sculptures adorn government buildings, and many other public spaces.

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Bronze and Lucite: Pearl Diver
Combining Bronze and Lucite takes great deal of knowledge in mold making, shrink rates of materials and precision joining of organic shapes.
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Bronze: Man Nature Balanced full
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Bronze: Dr. Martin Luther King
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Bronze: Spirit of Learning
The joy of learning come alive when a book opens the imagination takes flight
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bronze: Stanley Calkins
great contributors, Stanley Caulkins was co founder of the Leesburg airport and is at the site of his old jewelry store that he ran for 61 years
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Polychromed Steel: Skate Park
Poly chromed steel rings are stacked with silhouettes of a BMX bike, a rollerblader and skate boarders doing various tricks
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Resin, wood Brass: Stable Mates
Three horse heads together framed in a circle surrounded by various size and shaped weathered oak fence boards with brass balls at the tip of some of the boards
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Bronze: Dr. Bob and Judy Fisher
The President of Belmont University Dr. Bob Fisher and his Wife in front of the Fisher Performing Arts center
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Terra-Cotta: Victory
I sculpt the original figure, a plaster mold is made on the original sculpture. Slabs of textured clay with brick, lath ,gears or what ever are torn and pressed in layers into the figure mold, so that each torso is different. They are multiple originals within a Limited edition of that figure form.

Available from this artist:
Bronze, Lucite and ceramic figure sculpture, Reliefs, metal work

Saturday and Sunday Only - June 8 and 9, 2024

Map and Directions:

Catoctin Region Stop #12

Directions to Silverwood Farm and Studio:

From Route 7 or Route 9, turn north on Route 287 toward Lovettsville, then turn right on Rodeffer Road (Route 682). Turn right at the T in the road, then right into driveway after 1/4 mile. Studio is at top of driveway in upstairs of Bank Barn.

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