The 17th Annual Western Loudoun Art & Studio Tour


Friday, Saturday, Sunday, June 7, 8 & 9, 2024

10:00am - 5:00pm NOTE: Not all studios open on Friday, June 7

Lori Goll

Saturday and Sunday Only


Lori Goll Art
401 Bicksler Square SE,
Leesburg, VA 20175

Waterford/Leesburg Cluster, 2023 Stop #13


© Lori Goll image c 2022
Pastel: Greenhill Guardian
If you’ve ever peeked over the hill when traveling towards Middleburg on Route 50, you’ve seen this magnificent sycamore tree which towers over the vineyard.

I remember the first time a painting made me cry. I have been moved by poetry and music to tears, but I had no idea that a piece of visual art could do that. Since that time I have strived to create work that evokes a mood…specifically the awe, beauty, amusement, or mystery I feel when experiencing nature.

I paint from photographs as well as life, and I enjoy painting en plein air. I work in several mediums, but soft pastel is my favorite. I’m very active in the local art community as a member of the Loudoun Sketch Club, and an art instructor at the Great Falls School of Art and the Greenhouse at the Oatlands. My work lives in collections around the world and I’ve received many awards over the last few years.

© Lori Goll image 2022
Pastel: And Yet the Meadowlark Sings
I love the sound of the Meadowlark. As their habitats disappear, I see and hear them less and less. I still get a thrill when I see one!
© Lori Goll image 2022
Pastel: Holy Goat!
This is another joyful farm friend that I met during the Loudoun County Farm Tour last year!
© Lori Goll image 2022
Pastel: Farm Girl’s Tree
This view gives me a wistful feeling, like when I was a young girl visiting the farm of an old relative. On this misty morning, the tree swing awaited....
© Lori Goll image 2022
Pastel and Metal Leaf: Burrowing Owl and Moon
This intensely-staring burrowing owl is part of my “Owl and Moon” Series. These paintings appear different depending on the light in the room and time of day. I use metal leaf to make the moon glow, and I love the juxtaposition of the pastel pigment with the metal.
© Lori Goll image 2021
Pastel: Autumn Dune
This painting depicts sunrise at one of my favorite places on the earth...Coquina Beach in the Outer Banks of NC. The sky, sea, and dunes change colors every hour, every day, every season.
© Lori Goll image 2022
Oil: Better off Here Than Across the Street
A nocturnal streetscape from our beautiful town, Leesburg, VA!
© Lori Goll image 2022
Pastel and Metal Leaf: Wren Royalty
I love wrens. This humble house wren is rightly elevated in importance with the gold background.
© Lori Goll image 2021
Pastel: Glowing Gobbler
This magnificent tom turkey lives at Temple Hall Farm north of Leesburg. His impressive feathers, in sunlight, almost looked like tissue paper!
© Lori Goll image 2022
Oil: Julie’s Chickens
These are my sister’s chickens, running around her yard on a cold early winter morning.
© Lori Goll image 2022
Pastel and Metal Leaf: Great-Horned Owl and Moon
This beautiful girl is part of my “Owl and Moon Series”. I love the juxtaposition of the glowing moon with the pastel pigment.
© Lori Goll image 2022
Pastel and Metal Leaf: Seagull Liftoff
I know some people call these resilient and tenacious birds “sky trash”, but I love to watch them, and the beach wouldn’t be the same without them.
© Lori Goll image 2022
Pastel: Red Beauty
I love birds. Cardinals seems to have a significant presence for many people.
© Lori Goll image 2022
Pastel and Metal Leaf: Backlit Swan
Swans appear graceful in every action. I used metal leaf to make the water shimmer behind this backlit swan.
© Lori Goll image 2021
pastel: Mona Lisa (after Leonardo da Vinci)
It is good for artists to copy the work of the Masters. This one took me two years, and I learned so much!

Available from this artist:
Framed original oil and pastel paintings, unframed studies and sketches, notecards

Saturday and Sunday Only

Map and Directions:

Waterford/Leesburg Stop #13

Directions to Lori Goll Art:

From Route 15 North entering Leesburg, turn right onto Catoctin Circle, left onto Harrison Street, right onto Crescent Station Terrace, right onto Haupt, and right onto Bluemont Branch Terrace. Studio is on the left facing the lawn. Park on street or in shops at Crescent Place.

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