The 17th Annual Western Loudoun Art & Studio Tour


Friday, Saturday, Sunday, June 7, 8 & 9, 2024

10:00am - 5:00pm NOTE: Not all studios open on Friday, June 7

David Mann

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Printmaking, Photography

Studio Nuovo
35246 Harry Byrd Hwy, Studio 210-G,
Round Hill, VA 20141

Snickers Gap Cluster, 2023 Stop #26 C


© David Mann image c 2021
etching print: Purcellville Mill

I like to find and capture scenes which evoke a mood or a strong sense of place or of time. I try to include evidence of different human experiences, feelings and values.

My intaglio etchings, relief prints and digital prints begin as drawings or photomontages that I combine, manipulate, and abstract so that they become less specific and bit more symbolic.

© David Mann image 2020
Reduction Relief Print: Lafayette Square 2020
In the Union capital on June 1st 2020, National Guard and mounted police cleared Lafayette Square of peaceful Black-Lives-Matter protesters with violence, flash grenades and tear gas.
© David Mann image 2019
Etching: Black Cats
Solar Plate Etching of Evora, Portugal
© David Mann image 2020
Reduction Relief Print: Taming Adam
Story from Epic of Gilgamesh. All archival materials - mulberry paper, 8 color,
© David Mann image 2020
Etching: Ghost Ship
In ancestral Sweden, the remains of crew mates would be buried in stone ships to take them on their journey to Freyja’s heavenly field, Fólkvangr. Freyja was the goddess of death, love, sex, beauty, fertility, gold, and magic. From memory of a trip with my daughter.
© David Mann image 2021
reduction relief print: Insurrection
“Insurrection”, a hand-pulled reduction relief print, is a symbolic representation of the events in DC in January 2021. The exterior façade of the Capitol witnessed most of the injuries. The red MAGA caps and rebel flag indicate Trump\’s leveraging resentment of non-white citizens.
© David Mann image 2020
Limited Edition Digital Print: Spring in Sweden
Digital print of Visby I added color vibrance to reflect the exuberance that Swedes show to the coming of the longer and warmer days.
© David Mann image 2022
Etching Print: Waterford Mill
© David Mann image 2022
Etching Print: Tuscarora Mill
Series on Village Mills
© David Mann image 2022
Etching Print: Magic
© David Mann image 2020
Relief Print: Evil Eye
© David Mann image 2020
Digital Photomontage: La Mancha
© David Mann image 2022
etching print on handmade paper: Outback Conversation
© David Mann image 2021
etching print: Aldie Mill
© David Mann image 2020
Etching Print: Plague Doctor

Available from this artist:
Etching Prints - examples: Tuscarora Mill, Aldie Mill, Purcellville Mill, Waterford Mill, Magic, Black Cats, Plague Doctor Relief Prints: - examples: Lafayette Square 2020, Daphne and Apollo, Taming Adam, Evil Eye Digital Prints: - examples: La Mancha, Spring in Swedish

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Map and Directions:

Snickers Gap Stop #26 C

Directions to Studio Nuovo:

Hill High Marketplace is on US Route 7 West just west of Round Hill, VA. Studio is on the second floor.

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